Front doors locked at South Callaway schools

Security incident lasted two hours

As a security precaution, school front doors were locked for two hours on Wednesday morning at the South Callaway R-2 School District in Mokane.

Superintendent Lynn Battles said the front doors were locked after receiving a law enforcement report relating to an incident in Montgomery County.

A 15-year-old girl in Montgomery County was reported missing by her parents Tuesday evening. The law enforcement incident ended when she was located unharmed late Wednesday morning.

Battles said the Wednesday morning security incident at the school was related to the missing child report in Montgomery County and another individual who authorities suspected may have been linked with that missing child report.

“This was not a lockdown situation. It also was not a lockout incident, which is the next step down in security. In a lockdown, all doors are locked, no one is allowed to move inside the building and no one enters or leaves the building except law enforcement officers. Other than practicing it, we never have had a lockdown situation,” Battles said.

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