Lake Mykee approaches Holts Summit on sewer issues

Holts Summit plans to build new sewage treatment plant

To help solve its sewer compliance issues with the state, some Lake Mykee residents want to receive sewage services from Holts Summit or merge the city of Lake Mykee with Holts Summit, the Holts Summit Board of Aldermen was told Monday night.

Misty Matthews, a Lake Mykee resident, asked the Holts Summit aldermen a series of questions relating to the options for Lake Mykee residents.

Holts Summit City Administrator Brian Crane said he met earlier with Lake Mykee officials to discuss the issue. Crane said Lake Mykee officials told him they plan to ask the 350 residents of Lake Mykee to vote on a $1.5 million bond issue for sewer projects as soon as possible.

Holts Summit City Attorney Kent Brown said the bond authorization would give Lake Mykee authority to use the money either to help connect with the Holts Summit sewerage system or build their own sewage treatment plant.

But Brown doubted $1.5 million would be enough money to build a treatment plant.

Crane said federal grants also could be sought to help with the project after a bond issue is approved.

Holts Summit Mayor Lucas Fitzpatrick said Holts Summit officials are agreeable to a merger with Lake Mykee if that is the wish of Lake Mykee residents.

Brown said annexation of residents is less complicated than a merger of two cities. But he said it could be done even though there is space between the two cities.

Before Holts Summit would spend money on studies, it would require signatures from Lake Mykee residents indicating a strong interest in merging the two cities.

Crane said Holts Summit also would consider providing sewage services to Lake Mykee. But Lake Mykee residents would be required to pay for extending sewer lines to the city or Holts Summit would have to charge them more to make up for the cost of extending sewer lines and the extra cost of building a larger treatment plant in Holts Summit, which the city is in the process of doing now.

In other action, the Holts Summit Board of Aldermen approved a plan to seek a $500,000 federal grant to help build a new city sewage treatment plant in Holts Summit.

The ordinance authorizes the mayor to contract with the Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission to provide an environmental review needed to qualify for the state-administered federal Community Development grant.

The board also approved measures authorized by the state providing $430,000 in infrastructure grants to Pro Foods Inc. of Holts Summit for expanding its plant and hiring additional employees.

A major part of the grant include construction of a new street to the plant. The board approved a $250,000 bid by Sam Gaines Construction Co. of New Bloomfield to construct an 1,100-foot roadway to connect with West Simon Boulevard leading to Pro Foods Inc. plant in Holts Summit. The firm does business as Champs Chicken.

Crane said 15 firms bid on the road project and the offer by Gaines was the lowest and best bid.

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