Holts Summit forum set Jan. 28 on YMCA plan

A public forum has been scheduled this month in Holts Summit to discuss a plan by the YMCA of Callaway County to build a new YMCA facility in Holts Summit next to the Civic Center.

Public discussion of the plan will be at 7 p.m. on Jan. 28 in the Civic Center at Greenway Park in Holts Summit.

Patty Miller, executive director of the YMCA of Callaway County, said attorneys representing the city and the YMCA are discussing the legal agreement for the new YMCA building and sports services.

“When the attorneys agree on the specifics of the proposal and after the public forum on Jan. 28, we hope the Holts Summit Board of Aldermen will vote on the agreement as soon as possible.

“If the plan is approved by the Board of Aldermen at either its February of March meetings,” Miller said, “the YMCA board of directors believes we can have the building constructed and the Civic Center remodeled and recreational services started on Oct. 1 of this year.”

The new exercise and sports services center building would be constructed in Greenway Park next to the Holts Summit Civic Center.

Holts Summit Administrator Brian Crane said the city likes the YMCA proposal and would lease space in Greenway Park to the YMCA for the new building.

Miller said the YMCA wants to construct a new 6,000-square-foot building next to the existing Civic Center. The YMCA also will renovate the Civic Center by adding a new exterior to match the new YMCA building’s exterior. The YMCA also will install new rest rooms in the existing Civic Center, add new flooring and replace all windows.

The total cost the YMCA intends to spend for the new Greenway Park building complex is estimated at $475,000.

Miller said the YMCA plans to construct a building with an indoor track and fitness center and also operate recreational activities for the city from the new building. The attached and renovated civic center would continue to serve as a public meeting place for the citizens of Holts Summit.

Crane said the city does not have the staff to operate full recreational services and has not done so in the past.

“This partnership with the YMCA will benefit the city greatly. The YMCA has the staff and the resources to operate recreational programs such as softball and soccer leagues as well as volleyball and other activities. This will be great for the people of Holts Summit. That’s why we want the YMCA to locate in the park. The park would continue to be open to the public and the city would continue to maintain the park grounds,” Crane said.

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