South Callaway looks into automatic door locks

In an effort to make the school buildings more efficient and secure, the South Callaway School Board is looking into replacing exterior doors and locks with a keyless automated locking system.

At their board meeting Wednesday, superintendent Mary Lynn Battles said the school was investigating an IP-based surveillance and security configuration, that would utilize the district’s existing wireless feeds to be able to more immediately control building security from a central location.

“With access systems on some doors, you’ll see a smart key or keypad instead of a lock, and it’s controlled by a system in the school,” said Battles. “So if you need an immediate lock-down, it would be automatic and would control the need for keys.”

Battles said the district had been inquiring about project cost for budgeting proposals from the company that had installed their wireless systems, and that some doors would need to be replaced entirely due to age and wear.

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