Telephone scam surfacing in Callaway

The Callaway County Sheriff’s Office warns citizens of a scam coming to light in the county.

People have been receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to work with a law office, “Martinez and Associates.” The callers tell the victims that there is a lawsuit against their Social Security number and request a payment to resolve the “legal issue.”

The callers also give their address as 11 East 11th St., Lawrence, Kan. — the actual address of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

CCSO Sgt. Clay Chism said the choice in address was likely a deliberate part of the ploy.

“A classic part of any scam is to try to make it sound as real as possible,” said Chism. “With today’s technology, they believe by giving an address that somebody can Google and verify, it makes the scam sound more legit. When it comes down to it, it’s all about trying to make it sound real.”

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