IRS filing delays also will postpone tax refunds

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service won’t accept some tax forms this year until the end of February and some as late as March. This change also will delay income tax refunds for many people.

Changes made on Jan. 2 by Congress in federal tax laws, including tax hikes on some taxpayers, caused most of the extended delay in accepting complicated tax returns.

Deby Fitzpatrick of B&N Accounting at 518 Market St. in Fulton said some Callaway County residents and many businesses will be forced to delay filing this year because of the IRS changes. Less complicated returns are not affected by the IRS acceptance delays.

Fitzpatrick said most people file electronic returns. If they do file them electronically, the IRS will delay accepting some of them until it works out the kinks in the process involving certain deductions.

“Most people,” Fitzpatrick said, “will just sit tight and file closer to March. Many people who file simple forms are not affected by the IRS delays and they can go ahead and file now.”

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