Kelley content with how Hornets “handled” jamboree

— There was a little bit of both good and bad.

That’s really all that a jamboree can offer and that’s exactly what the Fulton Hornets got in scrimmages against the Boonville Pirates and Holden Eagles on Friday night at Gene Reagan Field.

“You know, first and foremost, no injuries,” Fulton head coach Pat Kelley said afterward. “There may be a little bump, a little bruise, but I don’t think there were any serious injuries.”

The good included scoring plays by the Hornets’ first- and second-team offenses, and just one touchdown allowed by the defense. The bad — costly penalties, fumbled snaps and inconsistent tackling — plagued Fulton in the 2012 season and reappeared Friday night to doom drives against both Boonville and Holden.

“It’s the kind of thing where we got some nice chunks at times (on offense),” Kelley said. “I felt like, if anything, we beat ourselves and made some bad plays.”

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