Cami Webb receives Teacher of the Year Award

Cami Webb, a fifth grade teacher at McIntire Elementary School had no idea she’d been nominated for, and won, the Fulton Public Schools Teacher of the Year award.


Cami Webb

“I was completely shocked and completely speechless,” Webb said. “I was very, very surprised.”

Webb was nominated for the award by McIntire Elementary’s principal Beth Houf.

“She has an enthusiastic and appealing instructional demeanor and is one of the most effective and energetic teachers in the district,” Houf said. “McIntire Elementary and Fulton Public Schools are a much better place because of Cami Webb.

Webb was one of several teachers nominated by principals from across the school district. She and the other nominees were judged based on instruction skills and performance, general school and community service, professional spirit and growth and personal attitude and relationships. The 2012 Teacher of the Year and four past retired Teachers of the Year voted for who they believed to be the best candidate via ballot.

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