Taste of Local Missouri to begin in Fulton

Fulton will host the opening of the Taste of Local Missouri Food Festivals on Saturday, May 11 for the program’s inaugural festival. The event will be located at the Veteran Park Amphitheatre off of State and Tenth streets, and will be free to the public. It will run from 3-7 p.m.

The festival will feature samples of food from local farmers, business owners, vendors from Fulton’s farmers market and food stores. Regional chefs and caterers will be on hand to prepare small portions of different entrees such as salads, sides and desserts, which will be available for attendees to purchase.

“Most ‘Taste of’ events cost $30, $40, $50, but with ours, it’s free to the public,” said Steve Johnson, board member of the Missouri River Bluffs Association. “That way, people will only have to pay for the food they want to eat.”

The aim of the festival is to encourage healthier lifestyles and economic development in the Mid-Missouri region.

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