Local girl to compete in Miss Missouri Teen USA pageant

Kimber Summers doesn’t wear heels.

But that isn’t stopping her from competing in the Miss Missouri Teen USA pageant on Nov. 8 this year.

Summers is a 16 year-old sophomore at Fulton High School and has decided to sew both her own swimsuit and full-length gown for the competition.

“I took a sewing class last year, and I really enjoyed it,” Summers said.

Even though she’s only known how to sew for a less than a year, she took to it quickly, and is excited to bring her own flair to the pageant.

“I like that someone can compliment my clothing and I can say I made it,” she said.

Throughout the pageant, she will be required to take part in swimsuit, evening gown, and personal interview competitions. According to the pageant system, these competitions help stress their message of upholding good morals, physical fitness, communication skills, social awareness, and community involvement.

Despite everything required of her over the course of the competition, Summers isn’t as nervous as one might think.

“I’m mostly just worried about falling down because I don’t wear heels, or tripping over my dress,” she said.

Summers is grateful for the opportunity to compete, but she’s most looking forward to what comes after the pageant: a scholarship to Lindenwood University.

For simply competing, contestants are offered a $33,600 scholarship. This amount increases for semi-finalists, runners-up, and the winner.

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