Candidates compete for county commission

Two candidates who have never served in the office before are competing for Callaway County eastern district commissioner.

The office is now held by Democrat Gabe Craighead, who did not seek re-election.


Randall L. Kleindienst


Bryant Liddle

The two candidates are Republican Randall L. Kleindienst and Democrat Bryant Liddle.

Both differ in their stance on the issue of county zoning.

Each candidate was asked for his personal opinion on whether county zoning should be adopted.

“I am personally opposed to county zoning,” said Republican candidate Kleindienst.

“Of course we all know that the county commission cannot mandate county zoning because it first must go to a vote of the people,” Kleindienst said.

He’s opposed to county planning and zoning, Kleindienst said, because he believes it interferes with a precious freedom that American soldiers fought to protect.

“But if the citizens of Callaway County approve zoning,” Kleindienst said, “I’ll be happy to appoint a committee so they can go around and tell their friends and neighbors how to take care of their own property.”

Democratic candidate Bryant Liddle said “I do not have a personal opinion on countywide zoning. I think that the citizens of Callaway County must be educated on just what ‘planning’ and ‘zoning’ are. As commissioner I would listen to the citizens as to their concerns for this issue. Also, under state law, the county commission has only the ability to place a ‘Yes/No’ question on a ballot. I would not be in favor of this type ballot measure.”

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