Auxvasse plans burning, revamped business license ordinances

Though both were tabled until a later meeting to finalize some details, the Auxvasse City Council is close to passing ordinances to create new regulations on burning and revamp existing business license ordinances.

The new burning ordinance would limit what citizens in the city limits could burn, the proximity to buildings or property lines the burn could occur and times burns could take place. At the city council’s meeting Tuesday, aldermen also agreed to limit ditch burning to leaves, and that leaves raked into ditches should be burned within 24 hours.

Assistant Police Chief Charlie Anderson called it a “good but big” change for the residents of Auxvasse, while south ward alderman Terry Walker said that simplicity would be key to keeping the ordinance enforceable while still protecting residents from unwanted fumes or dangerous burning conditions.

“We’ve had people burning couches within six feet of another residence. We have to keep it simple. You can’t burn it unless it came from a plant life in your yard,” Walker said.

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