A show of honor

Photo by Dean Asher.

On display year round in The Callaway Bank's upper offices, these service flags were brought down into the bank's lobby in observance of Veterans Day to honor those employees who served their country.

The World War I and II Service Flags were presented by the local draft board at the time to employers of the men and women who served in the military during those conflicts. Each flag carried a blue star for each service member who served, while silver and gold stars indicated those who were wounded or killed, respectively.

On the World War I flag, right, Thomas Harris Van Sant and Thomas Harrison Grant are honored. George Luther Martin and Earl E. Arthur both served and worked for the bank, but were not represented on the flag.

The World War II flag, left, represents John Cannon Harris, John Harry Atkinson, Jr., Thomas Edward Hammen and Byron Bryce Dysart.

On the card featured between the flags, the bank notes that employees Overton Thomas Harris, James Curtis Yancey, Donald Vincent Truitt and Kenneth Brown Brandis served in the Korean War, as well.

"I think it's just another way we can show respect and honor," said Debbie LaRue, The Callaway Bank Public Relations Director who noted that veterans such as O.T. Harris and Curt Yancey were still involved on the board. "They've made major sacrifices: Not only for themselves, but their families have made sacrifces for all of us. They need to be remembered and honored, not just because they work for the bank but because of their sacrifices."

Veterans Day, which occurs today (Sunday,) is observed Monday, Nov. 12.


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