County ponders new lodging ordinance

A county ordinance establishing a fee for inspecting lodging is under consideration by the Callaway County Commission, Western District Commissioner Doc Kritzer said Tuesday.

Kritzer said the issue came up because the state may decide to stop reimbursing the county for annual inspection of all lodging facilities in the county.

Kritzer said the county is concerned the state may end reimbursement for lodging inspections because the state is running short of funds.

Kent Wood, environmental public health specialist at the Callaway County Health Department, said if the state stops reimbursing the county for annual inspections of lodging and numerous other inspections it would have a significant impact on the county budget.

“We want to make sure inspections are done. The county ordinance is being considered but it will take time to do this. The Callaway County Commission will review the policy and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will review legal aspects of a proposed ordinance. Next, there will be a public comment period and then public hearings on the proposed county ordinance,” Wood said.

Kritzer said lodging owners and the public will have a 30-day period to comment on any proposal that is developed.

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