Only few use new delivery service offered by USPS

Only a few Fulton businesses are using the new Every Door Direct Mail service offered by the U.S. Postal Service but Fulton Postmaster Roger Bounds says he expects the service to grow as more people become aware of the service.

The Postal Service is advertising the service on television showing a man pondering a billboard he has purchased in a remote area. A mailman in the commercial stops by and suggests he should try the new direct mail service offered by the Postal Service.

“Only two or three Fulton businesses are using the service so far,” Bounds said. “I know we have one local business customer and one chain store using the service.”

Bounds said the service started in January. “It’s designed for small businesses. It would be too expensive for many of them to buy a bulk mail permit,” Bounds said.

Bounds said the Every Door Direct Mail service is growing in some cities, such as Jefferson City and Columbia.

Bounds said there are several mailing rules that must be observed to qualify for the service.

Customers must register and receive a Business Customer Registration Identification and use it with each mailing. Mailings are limited to a specific size and weights.

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