Fulton Police encourage residents to attend heroin awareness meeting

Jefferson City officer: ‘Program has made a difference’

The Fulton Police Department, with assistance from the Jefferson City Police Department will be hosting a HOPE (Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education) Campaign at an educational community meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Fulton City Hall.

Topics of discussion are set to include a look at what heroin is and what it does to the body, how it is getting into the community, behavioral indicators of abuse, local trends, prevention, treatment and recovery.

Sgt. Bill Ladwig said Fulton police wanted to share information with area residents regarding some of the signs and risks of heroin use — which has seen an increase in central Missouri over the past six months.

“It’s an extremely powerful and addictive substance, and it’s making a comeback in areas around us,” Ladwig said.

Sgt. Joe Matherne with the Jefferson City Police Department’s Community Action Team, agreed that the purpose of the program developed by his team is to “make people aware of what’s going on and what to look for.”

“We really hope to hit parents and get the community involved,” Matherne said.

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