NB to seek bids for water, street improvements

— The Board of Aldermen Thursday night agreed to seek competitive bids for new water line and street improvement projects.

City Superintendent Mike Rieken said the street improvements include a combination of patching and asphalt overlays where needed.

The water line project is along Elm Street between Glenwood and Route J.

Representatives of Allstate Consultants, a Columbia-based engineering firm, presented preliminary plans to the board for both the water and street improvement proposals.

To speed work on the projects, the board agreed to seek competitive bids on both plans, pending a review and approval by Rieken of the proposal submitted by the engineering firm.

Part or all of streets targeted for possible improvements osts of bids for the project — include Chevy Chase Lane, Elm Street from Glenwood to Route J, Mulberry Street, Cedar Street, Elmwood Circle, Poplar Street, Park Street, Chestnut Street north of Glenwood Street, the south part of Maple Street, Willow Drive, Oak Street, Country Club Drive and Joshua Street.

Engineering costs for the water and street projects were estimated at $60,000.

Approval by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is required before the water line project can be completed.

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