Riddle reverses course

Files Tuesday for Missouri House

Faced with a new Missouri Senate district that no longer exists, Rep. Jeanie Riddle, R-Mokane, filed Tuesday for the newly created 49th House District that includes most of Callaway County.


Rep. Jeanie Riddle

Riddle earlier had planned to file for the new Missouri Senate 7th District that was created by redistricting.

But that redistricting plan was declared invalid by the courts and a new district plan has been created by another redistricting commission.

The new district keeps most of the shape of the outlawed 7th District intact. But it changes the number of the district from the 7th to the 10th.

This renumbering causes enormous complications. The 10th District is located in the Kansas City area and that district is now served by Sen. Jolie Justis, D-Kansas City, who is not up for election this year.

If the current Senate plan survives another test, it will mean that the Kansas City senator, who is term limited and cannot run again, will represent Callaway County for the next two years until the next election.

It also means the only option for Riddle is to file for re-election to the House and wait another two years to run for the newly created 10th District, which stretches from Callaway County east to the eastern border of Missouri along the Mississippi River.

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