South Callaway to allow students to play in two sports at same time

MOKANE — The South Callaway R-2 Board of Education voted 4-2 Wednesday night to allow high school students to participate in two school sports programs at the same time.

The board approved a plan offered by Tony Brandt, athletic director, that allows student athletes to participate in two sports in one season only with the approval of both coaches of the two competitive sports.

Brandt said sports practice sessions with a team sport, such as baseball, would normally prevail over an individual sport, such as track or cross country.

Brandt said he decided not to start the dual sports program last fall because he wanted to secure approval by coaches of various sports before asking the board to approve the change.

Coaches would be required to monitor grades of dual sports athletes to make sure participation in two sports did not cause academic achievement to decline.

Coaches also would be asked to try to schedule games not to conflict with other programs with dual sports athletes.

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