County clerk to review decision on ending voting at Carrington

Callaway County Clerk Denise Hubbard said Friday after Tuesday’s primary election she is willing to reconsider the possible return of voting at the Carrington Precinct in the November general election.

Hubbard said after she combined the Carrington and Guthrie precincts at Guthrie for the primary election, she was told that the Carrington Baptist Church is handicapped accessible.

She earlier had shifted the voting location of both the Guthrie and Carrington precincts because the previous locations were not suitably accessible for handicapped voters.

“After the primary election, I intend to check into the issue again and review the situation to determine if voting should resume at Carrington. Since the primary election change of precincts, representatives of the Carrington Baptist Church sent me a letter saying the church is handicap accessible and they would be willing to have the polling place there if our office determined it would be suitable location for a polling place,” Hubbard said.

On Friday Mike Backer, chairman of the Callaway County Central Democratic Committee, and about 20 voters in the previous Carrington precinct presented a petition, which he said was signed by more than 245 voters, asking Hubbard to reopen the Carrington polling place in the November general election.

“I know it is too late to change the precinct for the primary election on Tuesday but we would like to have the Carrington precinct reopened for the general election,” Backer said.

In response, Hubbard said Friday she appreciates the fact that the people in the Carrington went to the trouble of circulating and obtaining signatures about wanting voting to continue at Carrington.

“I’m happy to review the situation,” Hubbard said.

Backer said all 20 people who accompanied him to the county clerk’s office on Friday voted absentee in the primary election because it was inconvenient or they were unable to vote by driving to Guthrie.

“Some would have to drive eight miles just to vote,” Backer said.

Backer said the 245 people who signed the petition represent more than a third of the 700 registered voters in the Carrington precinct.

Backer earlier sent a letter to Hubbard protesting the change in the polling place and complaining about her appointments of election judges.

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