Fulton revises policies on sewer connections

The city of Fulton has changed its policy on household and private property connections to the city’s sewerage system.

Fulton Mayor LeRoy Benton said Friday in the past the property owner has been responsible for the service line to the city’s main sewer line, including the tap into the sewer line.

Under the new policy, the city will now be responsible for replacing a faulty tap into the main sewer line.

The city is now responsible for the main sewer line, the service line tap into the main, and the service line to the property owner’s property line or easement line. A homeowner or property owner is responsible for the sewer line from his property to the property line or easement line with the city.

The subject was a topic of discussion at a City Council retreat on Aug. 18.

Benton said the city’s previous policy was causing confusion for both city employees doing the work and property owners.

Unlike gas, water and electric utilities, sewer lines have no meters that act as the dividing line between where the city and property owner responsibilities end and begin.

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