Callaway residents can renew vehicle license plates online

Number using online registration renewal grows yearly

Callaway County residents who don’t want to stand in line at the end of the month can renew their vehicle license plates online.

Pam J. Oestreich, Callaway County collector, said the number of people using the online service continues to grow each year.

“We’ve been participating in online vehicle license renewals for more than four years,” Oestreich said. “People really like the option of not having to stand in line.”

Up until last year, the Missouri Department of Revenue sent reports to each county of the number of people in each county using the online vehicle license service. But a new computer system was installed and counties no longer receive these reports.

“About a year ago from 75 to 100 Callaway County residents were renewing their car licenses online each month,” Oestreich said.

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