Bumps ahead for county health, road budgets

Two of Callaway County’s largest departments — health and road and bridge — are facing unusual budget needs for the 2012 budget year.

Gasoline and rock costs are increasing for the road and bridge department and state funding for the county health department has been cut sharply.

Callaway County Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann said the Road and Bridge Department has much of its funding coming from other sources but it appears it will be necessary again to divert some money from the county’s general revenue fund for use on county roads.

“We have been doing that the last two years for asphalt and bridge projects,” Eastern District Commissioner Gabe Craighead said. “Some of the money from the county sales tax can go to road and bridge projects. It would not be for daily operations but for special projects.”

Jungermann said the Callaway County Health Department will receive a double-digit budget cut from state funding next year.

Jungermann said County Health Department Director Sharon Lynch has reduced department spending for next year but has not cut personnel.

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