Shoppers say they are saving hundreds by clipping

Tiffany Nash always clipped grocery coupons here and there. But several months ago, the Ashland resident realized that if she didn’t get serious about it, she would never be able to afford vacations for her family.

“So now my opinion is if I don’t have a coupon for it, I’m not going to buy it,” she said. “If it’s not on sale, I’m not going to buy it. Almost everything in the store will go on sale at some time.”

Now, each month she’s socking away the $300 to $400 that she saves, while her 5-year-old daughter, Wyhnter, looks forward to a trip to Disney World this fall.

More and more people are thinking like Nash. A combination of a poor economy, higher food prices and a new show on The Learning Channel called “Extreme Couponing” have created the perfect storm for explosive growth of the trend.

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