City likely to raise animal control fees

As the City of Fulton continues on its quest to strengthen its animal control laws, the planning and protective services department and the animal control committee also have been working to update its schedule of fees for some of those services.

Currently, Fulton’s animal control fees are a $12 impound fee, with an additional $4 for each day the animal is cared for at Garrett Animal Shelter. The new proposal would increase that amount to a $40 impound fee per dog or cat and a daily fee of $15. Impound of any animal other than a dog or cat would be $50 for a large animal, with a $20 daily fee, and $20 for a small animal, with a $10 daily fee. The quarantine fee (for rabies) would be $75 for a non-aggressive animal — Animal Control Supervisor Tina Barnes gave the example of a cat that had scratched someone — and $150 for a dangerous animal.

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