Care urged for children, animals in vehicles

With the thermometer near 100 degrees, drivers should be extra careful about leaving pets in enclosed cars, says Sandy Corbet, president of the Callaway County Humane Society.

“When the outside temperature is 85 degrees, the temperature inside a car, even with the windows cracked, can soar to 102 in just 10 minutes and to more than 120 degrees within a half an hour,” Corbet said.

She said cracking a window makes practically no difference in the inside temperature in a hot car.

“Leaving a dog for just a minute can cause a dog to have a heat stroke. A dog does not sweat to lower body temperature. They can only pant, which is not enough when the temperature reaches 120 degrees or more,” Corbet said.

Maj. Roger Rice of Fulton Police agrees with Corbet that it is never a good idea to leave a pet or a child in a car, especially when the temperature is near 100 degrees.


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