City shows support for second reactor

In response to renewed talks of adding a second reactor to Ameren’s Callaway Nuclear Plant, the City of Fulton decided to pave the way for measures to support the addition.

Gov. Jay Nixon announced on Nov. 19 that he would support Ameren as it began the process of seeking an early site permit for a second unit in Callaway. During the Dec. 14 city council meeting, board members agreed, by passing Resolution 3106, the city would also support such an addition.

Bill Johnson, director of administration, presented the resolution. It passed unanimously. Mayor Charles Latham said passing the resolution was a way to support one of the city’s power suppliers.

If the second reactor is constructed, Latham said it would bring a definite benefit to the city.

“It will be a huge boom to the economy,” he said.

The resolution authorizes the mayor, on behalf of the city, to sign “any and all documents necessary” in support of efforts for the construction of a second reactor.

Latham said one of these supportive measures may include building a new road, that would go through part of the city, out to the nuclear plant. He said this new road would be needed as a second reactor would create more jobs at the plant and more traffic out to it. Another way the city could help is to move along the process for additional housing that would be needed for the workers, Latham said.

Some of the employees at the Callaway plant live and shop in Fulton, Latham said, so it only makes sense that a second unit would bring more people into the city.

“We are the largest full-service community within a 10-mile radius of the plant,” the mayor said.

Resolution 3106 states: “Fulton was a supporter of the construction of the Callaway Nuclear Plant unit one and supports Ameren’s efforts to construct unit two. Fulton is committed to nuclear power and urges and supports development and approval of an early site permit and any legislative changes necessary to facilitate construction of Callaway Nuclear Plant unit two.


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